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The cardiovascular check-up

Risk of heart attack

By now many people know the risk factors for a heart attack. Nevertheless, the personal risk is most often not properly assessed. Clarifying examinations are often performed not until symptoms such as chest pain drive the affected persons to the doctor.

Early diagnosis

Many people affected by cardiovascular disease often do not experience any symptoms for a long time. However, modern investigation methods now make small changes in the blood vessels visible long before the appearance of symptoms. Early signs of coronary heart disease, for example, include calcifications in the coronary arteries.
Thanks to the cardiac computed tomography (cardiac CT) - a new, low-risk and low-stress examination of the heart - calcification of the coronary arteries can be detected in time and the individual heart-attack risk can be estimated. If the risk is elevated, one can counteract early with various preventive and therapeutic measures and so reduce the risk of disease.
Cardiac CT, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and scintigraphy are the most important early screening examinations for cardiovascular diseases.
After an extensive preliminary discussion covering undiagnosed symptoms, pain, family history or pre-existing conditions, our doctors determine in each individual case whether the cardiovascular system check-up is needed and which diagnostic method should be used.

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